Resi Ventures turns 10

Posted by Resi Ventures on Oct 19, 2020 2:35:41 PM

This week marks 10 years for Resi Ventures as one of Melbourne’s leading land developers.

How did it all begin? In 2010, like all good business ideas Resi Ventures evolved from a concept written on a piece of paper by cofounder Khurram Saeed. Pitching the idea for a business based on a ‘Land Development Agreement Partnership’ from a small one-man office in Carlton to cofounder Anthony Braunthal seemed like a smart business move. Having just retired from a successful business himself it only took six weeks before Anthony was onboard and back in the business world with the formation of Resi Ventures.

Ten years on and Resi Ventures has grown into a thriving business that employs directly and indirectly hundreds of people. Both cofounders would agree there has been many highlights over the years with the most significant in seeing their vision come to life by partnering with broadacre Landowners to create sustainable thriving neighbourhoods throughout Melbourne’s growth areas.

Reflecting on the last 10 years cofounder Khurram Saeed said “Our ethos has always been to deliver what we promise to the Landowners we partner with and provide them the greatest returns.”

“We are passionate about building innovative and sustainable communities that people love to call home! We want to build communities that get better with age. I want to take my kids down to our communities in 10 or 15 years’ time and be proud of what we have created – a sustainable, thriving and aesthetically pleasing communities that people love coming home to.

“We also embed ourselves in the local community by supporting local clubs which helps to strengthen community connections and helps them to grow.”

As the business has grown so has the Resi Ventures team which continues to drive the company’s vision. Cofounder Anthony Braunthal said “Our journey over the last 10 years has allowed us to work with the best in the industry, who echo our standards and vision for creating residential developments that people are proud to live in.”

Looking ahead Resi Ventures aim is to continue to grow into larger residential subdivisions with the focus on building great communities where people can work, play, live and shop in an environment that promotes a modern and healthy lifestyle with a welcoming neighbourhood appeal.

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